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I believe healing through nutrition is the holistic approach towards our life style. It is about improving our life style using the right quantity and quality of food at the right time. The quick fixes and short cuts may work for some individuals for a shorter period of time but they are not sustainable. My philosophy is based on changing the habits and going back to our basics, so, unlearning the bad habits and adopting disciplined life style which is a sustainable and healthy solution.


Diet Plan
Designed to heal you


Medical Nutrition Therapy

A therapeutic approach to treating medical conditions and their associated symptoms via the use of specifically tailor made diet devised and regular monitoring


Lifestyle and Wellness Management

Wellness consulting for healthier lifestyle choices in various areas including exercise, nutrition and right things to do at the right time.


Corporate Nutrition program

Specialist coaching and advice on general nutrition, medical nutrition, lifestyle and fitness to enable individuals to reach their full potential and improved productivity


School Nutrition Program

Focus on inculcating healthy eating habits in childhood and adolescence to promote optimal childhood health, growth and intellectual development, prevent immediate and long term health problems.


Online Consultation

A much convenient way to avail my consulting service which does not need any travel or waiting at the clinic. Simply book an appointment and have the session over Zoom, Google meet or WhatsApp.



Achieve optimal health through the most gene-supportive environment (GSE) based on your genotype. It covers what you should eat, how you should exercise and how you should response to stress, which will help you achieve best of your body and mind.


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