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Corporate Nutrition program (CNP)

Corporate Nutrition program (CNP):

Time And Health are two precious assets that we don't recognize and appreciate until they have been depleted.
- Denis Waitely.

The health and wellbeing of the individuals working within a company are key to the company’s success. Specialist coaching and advice on general nutrition, medical nutrition, lifestyle and fitness provides one of the most palpable and tangible, yet successful, method available to enable to reach their full potential and ultimately increase company’s productivity. Nutritional guidance is now viewed as an essential requirement for work force health.

Few areas where the nutrition guidance helps to the employees can be listed out as follows:

Immunity: Good nutrition stimulates the immune system and can reduce both the regular absenteeism due to health reasons and increased productivity for the company.

Fatigue: Over eating or eating after a long gap, may result in fatigue and thus reduce the activeness in work. Promotion and integration of positive nutrition and lifestyle change will energise the workforce.

Obesity: Overweight, High blood pressure, and dyslipedimia (irregular lipid profile values) have significant and detrimental effect on the health of the employees. They are all independent risk factors leading to illness in the long run.

Diabetes: Overweight, Stress, Lack of sleep does incorporate high incidence of this disease.

Cardiac disease: The risk factor and prognosis of coronary heart disease can be manipulated through nutritional and lifestyle change.


The overall aim of this program can be understood under following sub-headings:

To maximize the health potential of the individuals. This will be done through a range of evidence based, practical and interactive healthy lifestyle education and training. This aims to bring about sustainable change and provide equal access to healthy lifestyle options for all the people.

The corporate nutrition solutions fundamental belief is that through healthy lifestyle education all individuals are empowered to live a healthy and a happy life. Worksites that take responsibility for their employee’s health are able to be more productive through reduced accidents and absenteeism.

Small changes have a big impact. Small changes on a daily basis will lead to achieving large goals.

Chronic diseases such as diabetes, coronary heart disease and obesity can be prevented by adopting healthy lifestyle. Targeted Nutrition Education:

Through education, individuals with risk factors for poor health can make lifestyle changes that improve their health and productivity.

Evidence Based:
The practice will be based on evidence based on nutrition and nutrition knowledge.