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Geeta NutriHeal Consultancy is established in 2014. The purpose and mission behind this company is to provide a opportunity to people to practice Right Nutrition For Health!

In today’s fast world everybody right from kids to elders is under tremendous physical and mental stress. The lifestyles have changed significantly and too fast for us to compose and respond the rising needs. This definitely has taken a toll on our health, eating habits, work life balance.

Now days we have plenty of options to choose from as far as food is concerned. Due to internet exposure there is a lot of information available on a click of mouse. Does everything suit everybody? Obviously No. Each individual is unique and hence their needs. So one size does not fit all and hence customised / tailor made diet counselling is important.

At GNH, we endeavour to understand our guests by engaging with them through detailed counselling session. Our philosophy of treatment is based on educating the guest, making them take ownership of their actions, make themselves accountable to them. This approach of counselling helps to get the results in decent period of time and without any rigorous diet. Our guests understand themselves better and they start disciplining themselves for better results as per their commitment towards their health, GNH acts as catalyst to this wonderful process of self realisation and satisfaction!!!

We take immense pride in touching and being able to bring in positive changes in our guest’s physical and behavioural or emotional well being and lead them towards Right Nutrition For Health!!